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Nick Skelton

Lucy Anderson

Tracey Fletcher

“We’re delighted with the solariums. They’re simple to use, easy to install and are very effective. The products seem to have a real impact on the horse and its well-being. It really is a fascinating product and would highly recommend it to anyone!”

“Our horses benefit from light therapy, but as an added bonus we can keep them warm in our harsh winters, which gives me peace of mind. It's very surprising how light the products are and not to mention how easy they are to install.”

“I compete to a high level in British Carriage  and received a bespoke personal service when purchasing 3 Solariums of varying sizes from Drimee. Their ability to warm the ponies muscles before and after exercise and aid in healing is excellent."


Robert Smith

Nick Skelton

Michael Whitaker

Ben Maher

Designers and Manufacturers of Equestrian Equipment


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